Blog Tour: Star Crossed #gifted

Welcome to the Gemini stop on the STAR CROSSED BLOG TOUR!
Today I have a review for you of this wonderful book! I was gifted a copy of this book by Transworld in exchange for an honest review.

9781787631076Star Crossed
Minnie Darke
Contemporary/ Romance
Published by Transworld on 04/04/2019

Rating: ♥♥♥♥


Destiny doesn’t happen by accident . . . When Justine Carmichael (Sagittarius, aspiring journalist and sceptic) bumps into her teenage crush Nick Jordan (Aquarius, struggling actor and true believer) it could be by chance. Or it could be written in the stars. Justine works at the Alexandria Park Star – and Nick, she now learns, relies on the magazine’s astrology column to guide him in life. Looking for a way to get Nick’s attention, Justine has the idea of making a few small alterations to the horoscope for Aquarius before it goes to print.

After all, it’s only the stars. What could possibly go wrong?


I want to start off this review by saying that this isn’t the kind of book I would have naturally gravitated towards but sometimes the stars align and a book ends up in your lap at the perfect time. This was one of those magical books and I’m so pleased I got the chance to read it. As someone who has been struggling to read this year, this was just what I needed to get me going again.

It did take me maybe 30ish pages to find my footing in the book as it opened up, giving us a little sneak peak of history between Justine, Nick and their families. As soon as I got to the 50 page mark I was totally charmed by this book. Even though most of the people in this book lived very different lives from myself, I found I was able to connect to a lot of them. It was also great to read about characters who were more in my age bracket (As much as I love YA, sometimes you really need to change up your reading and this book proved it to me in buckets!!)

I must admit, I was a little thrown the first time the book jumped away from Justine, Nick and their little corner of the world. Once I found my reading rhythm though, I knew to expect it and then I could start piecing the puzzle together about how everyone read the Alexandria Park Star and what the horoscope (be it Leo’s real one or Justine’s fabricated ones) meant to their lives. It was actually super interesting to see how it all got twisted together to this story.

Once I got to the half way point, I ended up just inhailing the rest of the book in one sitting rather than over a couple of days like I had with the first half. I was fully invested and fully enjoying myself. This book is a mix of fun, hardships, mistakes, learning and delight. By the end of the book I was extremely attached to Justine and Nick in a way I wasn’t expecting. I finished the book with a smile and a feeling of satisfaction, I was happy to leave Justine and Nick to the rest of their lives.

If you are looking for something fun and charming, with a bit of horoscope drama thrown in, this book is perfect.

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